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We adapt to your house if you are suburbs, but not suburb....

Owning a second home in Greece is fantastic, until something goes wrong and you hear nothing of it.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your valuable holiday home in Greece is well looked after. Let us help you to make your time in Greece as comfortable as possible. Our professional team of
ImmobIlia experts ensures that your home is in your absence, well maintained and is well prepared for your next visit.
ImmobIlia offers an all-round management service for rental properties and homes to turnkey handover. Our qualifications, experience and wide variety of skills allow ImmobIlia to provide homeowners with a personalized service, tailor-made to your individual needs. Our services range from complete management to one-time house cleaning. We inform you regularly by e-mail or telephone about the status of your property and work exclusively with selected professional service providers. We take care that any work done to your home is done with great care and attention.

Enjoy the good feeling of working with a trusted, reliable and experienced team.

For more information about our services and prices, please contact us

mail:Info@ ImmobIlia .com or phone + 0030 ---------.

  Our Service Offerings
    · cleaning
    · House alarm location service
    · Gardening
    · Pool Service
    · All-rounder (craftsmen for everything)
    · Babysitter
    · Laundry Service
    · Food Delivery Service
    · Call center
    · Service for office work
    · Construction and
    · Building disinfection
 anything else...?
Your wish is our command.

Membership costs depend on the size of the property and entitle you to the following services:

Weekly check: The flat is weekly tested for gas leakage and the water pipes tested. All doors, shutters, and the fuse box are checked as well   

Inboxes: Your mailbox is checked and emptied. Important mail is forwarded by post or e-mail to you immediately.
Watering: The watering of all indoor plants is included in the membership fee.
Owners Hotline: Add your name
ImmobIlia can contact the following companies: local authorities, utilities (electricity, telephone, gas, etc), insurance, furniture or car importers and indoor and embody.
Full secretarial services, 30 minutes per month: rental car, flight bookings, theater, etc. As a member, we offer you our secretary service, 30 minutes per month, included in the membership fee.
Laundry service: In
member price Included here is the pickup and return your laundry.
The apartment is prepared for your arrival / departure: We prepare the apartment prior to your arrival and after your departure e.g. Turning on and off electricity or heating.
Cost estimate: Should the need arise for a repair or something needs to be replaced you get a pre-written estimate for all charges that may apply.
Monthly report: At the end of each month you will receive a report on the status of your property and the works which have been done in each case.


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